Susan is recognized and esteemed for her own unique brand of broadcast journalism in the UK and China. Having gained her formative experience with the BBC and international media outlets, she is known for her insightful interviewing, her “never give-up” attitude and integrity to every assignment she undertakes. Susan has a cool in a crisis approach, from tackling difficult subjects and guests, breakdown in transmission, to extreme challenging conditions when a bomb exploded outside broadcasting house in London. In addition, audiences love her warmth and charm. She was voted “Personality of the Year” by the Variety Club of Great Britain, an honor not typically bestowed to journalists.

Susan is represented by:

  • Knight Ayton Management
  • Helen Shabosan – Shabosan Talent based in New York represents Susan in America

After many years on the BBC network, Susan temporarily moved to Beijing where she presented for China’s only privately owned television station, Blue Ocean Network (BON).

Currently Susan is based in the United States after being awarded an O1 (extraordinary talent visa)

Susan’s Showreel

Concorde’s Last Flight Special Programme

Susan’s Final Day on BBC Points West

BBC Television Centre Bombing Live Coverage

Chenoan 1

Chenoan 2